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Lazarou Joinery has been proudly owned by Jim & Debbie Lazarou since 1988.
Before 1988, Jim had spent 10 years prior as a licensed building contractor. Following his passion for detail, Jim began making custom furniture in cedar, mahogany and rosewood.

The story of Lazarou's

In thirty years, only values have stayed constant. Markets demand a lot more of the trade, than they ever have.

1988: Solid timber furniture by traditional methods

Once orders began to queue, Jim begin making furniture in his back shed. Apprentices followed, machinery was added, and soon it was time for a bigger shed!

Inventing and licensing

Problems are just opportunities for solutions. The Turnmaster router-bit sharpener was a shop solution, that was awarded two patents, and became a profitable business of its own.

Early 90's: Early adopters

In the new manufacturing premises, processes and machinery were added from all over the world. This included the then new-to-market Biesse computer-numerical-controlled (CNC) machinery, that became commonplace 20 years later!

Traditional methods and industrial innovation

With orders growing further, huge investment was undertaken in personnel and process development.

National success and supply

In the 1990's and 2000's, there wasn't a major furniture chain that wasn't retailing Jim's Australian-Made, Australian-Owned furniture designs.

Return to the building industry

The building boom of the mid-2000's hailed a new opportunity to make quality furnitures, for quality buildings. The furniture manufacturing business was sold off, to focus on creating high-finish building components in timber, polyurethane finishes, Corian and Caesarstone.

Intricacy in the digital age

Our evolution has taken us full circle, back to where it all began - making highly personalised designs for residential clients. It's now that the manner of drawing has become so much different - using sophisticated softwares, to create intricate drafts, that create exactly the furnitures you want.

Our services now include kitchens, pantries and laundries; custom vanities and wardrobes; and bookcases, entertainment units, and retail fittings/fitouts.

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