Borenore kitchen

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20th Century

Swedish, Danish, Deco, Hamptons...
Bring your influences, bring your ideas, bring your needs. Express yourself through your space.


The heritage style: the classic formula for grand, inviting spaces. To share with your loved ones, and your dinner guests.


Up-to-the-minute features, trends and inclusions - combined with the quality tradesmanship that made our name.

You'll be impressed by Motion

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Quality Componentry

You wouldn't buy old tech. Buy Blum. Lifetime warranty.


Inspiring lift systems
Sparing door collisions since 2005


Experience elegance
The world's smoothest drawer


World-leading convenience and quality
Access the most space in your cabinets

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Employee spotlight

The faces that will guide you through your kitchen design and installion.

 Jim Lazarou

Jim is the soul of our joinery. He has over 30 years of experience delivering quality product to his clients.

 Priscilla Campbell

Priscilla is our leading designer. She will be your main consultant throughout your design process.

 Will Tree

Will is our foreman. He will co-ordinate your works in our factory and is great for answering tough questions.

 Mick Lazarou

Mick is our manager. He works hands-on choosing, drafting, optimising, programming and producing every component we use.

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